About Oxygen

Delta Medical Supply provides home oxygen for patients whose physician has ordered supplemental oxygen for the home. As you may know, many people find that wearing oxygen, even if it’s just at night, can help improve their quality of life by helping to relieve symptoms associated with insufficient oxygen levels throughout the body. At one time, oxygen was thought to be beneficial to people who were very sick and to help solve end of life issues. More recent information has proven that use of oxygen in those patients with “low” oxygen levels, can actually improve health, especially if patients begin using it in the earlier stages of respiratory disease. Studies show that low oxygen levels treated early enough can help decrease the deterioration of the body. Just like the right amount of water is vital for a healthy plant, continuous and proper amounts of oxygen are important in order to feel good each day. New options in home oxygen delivery systems make it easy to provide oxygen for even the most active people. Ask your doctor to check and see if you have low oxygen levels.

In addition, changes have been taking place regarding payment for oxygen equipment. Due to Medicare and other insurance guidelines, moving to a new part of the country, changing physicians or changing oxygen providers, poses challenges that require careful consideration. Delta Medical can help you with these decisions and assist you in determining your options if you find yourself in one of these difficult situations. The new 5 year rule on oxygen equipment for Medicare patients allows oxygen users to get brand new high tech equipment to replace their old oxygen system at the end of 60 months. Ask you local Delta Medical representative if you qualify for new replacement equipment under your insurance or to clarify the coverage for your respiratory equipment.

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