Portable Oxygen Tank Instructions

The most common size tank for patient home use is the E-tank. The E-tanks are cylinders that are probably the largest size that are suitable to take with you for travel or portability. These tanks are usually transported via a small cart that can be pulled by the patient or caregiver and provide about 5 hours of oxygen.

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What is a Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is an apparatus used to take a small volume of liquid medication and transform it into a mist to be inhaled into the lungs to help open up the airways and help the patient breathe better.

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Medicare Screening

Download this reference tool for the healthcare professionals when ordering home respiratory therapies and products, sleep apnea therapies and products and home medical equipment services and supplies for homecare patients.

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Nebulizer Instructions

Your physician has prescribed a breathing machine for your use at home. The following instructions will be explained in detail at time of set up. Please save these general instructions for your reference.

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